Amazon Prime Military Discount

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Amazon Prime Military Discount

Amazon has stepped it up this year by offering a military discount. On Tuesday, Amazon announced they are giving massive discounts on Prime memberships to current and former military members in recognition of Veterans Day.

The Discount

The offer reduces the cost of Amazon’s yearlong Prime membership to $79 from $119. Saving you more than 30% which is pretty freakin’ cool!

Amazon is offering the promotion to US veterans, active-duty, Reserve, and National Guard members. The company said that both new and existing Prime members can take advantage of the offer. It seems like the new norm is only offering these discounts to new customers, so I was glad to hear it was offered to existing ones as well (looking at you Verizon!).

To receive the discount, military members must visit this landing page on Amazon’s site between November 6th-11th to verify their eligibility.

Once eligibility is verified, the discounted Prime membership will be added to the customer’s cart, and the customer will be directed to complete the process by checking out.

The Promotion Limitations

Veterans interested in the promotion should know:

  • The discounted rate applies to only one year of Prime membership.
  • The promotion will extend the memberships of current Prime members by one year.
  • Customers can attempt eligibility verification only three times online. Amazon instructs anyone having trouble with verification to contact its customer support team by email after the first failed attempt.
  • Prime Student and other discounted Prime members are not eligible to receive the discount.


This is the first military discount offered by Amazon Prime. If you’re like my family, we love Amazon Prime! As new features launch with Prime (i.e. groceries), I think it will become a standard in most homes.

Especially military families who are constantly moving around the world. Make sure to apply the discount to your account and enjoy at least one year of savings!

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