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Personal Finance is all about managing your income and your expenses, and saving and investing. Learn how to save money, live frugal, build an emergency fund, and budget.

how to invest money

How to Invest Money

Not sure how to invest money? No worries, in this article I provide simple and actionable steps to start investing your money ASAP.

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what is asset allocation

What is Asset Allocation?

What is asset allocation? When it comes to investing, you might hear “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Learn why that is important.

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saving for christmas

Saving for Christmas

So, how do you save for Christmas, a birthday, or vacation using automation? Here is a list of technologies that make saving thoughtless and easy. Saving for Christmas has never been easier.

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do you need renters insurance

Do you need renters insurance?

Do you need renters insurance? Yes, don’t be like me and have something happen to your stuff without it. It’s not worth it when it’s only a few bucks a month.

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what is the financial life cycle

What is the financial life cycle?

Just like we have phases in our personal life such as being a baby, then a kid, and then a teenager and so forth. We also have financial phases. So, what exactly is the financial life cycle?

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secured vs unsecured debt

Secured vs Unsecured Debt

There are two major types of debt – secured and unsecured. Understanding the difference is critical when borrowing money and prioritizing debt repayment.

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funding college with 529 plans

Funding College with 529 Plans

Over the past decade, tuition and fees at public universities have increased at a 5.6 percent average rate. Learn how 529 Plans can help cover college expenses.

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Making Cents with Navy Federal

Navy Federal has created a personal finance information portal called Making Cents. The purpose of the portal is to increase your financial IQ and help you get on track with your financial goals. 

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Military Lending Act (MLA) for Marines

Military Lending Act (MLA)

Military Lending Act (MLA) is designed to protect active duty military members and their dependents from bad lending practices targeted at their finances.

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Facing your Finances

Money is the #1 stress for American adults. Spending more or ignoring your financial responsibilities won’t fix them. Facing your finances will. 

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Robinhood Stocks

What is the Robinhood App?

What is the Robinhood App? An online platform to invest in stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptos, all commission-free. Learn what the Robinhood App is today!

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Military Pay Scale 2019

Military Pay Scale 2019 saw a 2.6% raise with military members see it on their January 15, 2019 paycheck. Check out military 2019 pay charts for all ranks.

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