My Journey

Follow my journey to become a financial planner.
It will be long and arduous, but rewarding.

I will write about my journey to becoming a financial planner. I will provide insights, thoughts, and things I have learned as I progress through the education and experience requirements. The end goal is to achieve my ChFC and CFP designation and start my own financial planning firm.  

what is the financial life cycle

What is the financial life cycle?

Just like we have phases in our personal life such as being a baby, then a kid, and then a teenager and so forth. We also have financial phases. So, what exactly is the financial life cycle?

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secured vs unsecured debt

Secured vs Unsecured Debt

There are two major types of debt – secured and unsecured. Understanding the difference is critical when borrowing money and prioritizing debt repayment.

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funding college with 529 plans

Funding College with 529 Plans

Over the past decade, tuition and fees at public universities have increased at a 5.6 percent average rate. Learn how 529 Plans can help cover college expenses.

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